Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • The latest update to CredyApp includes a fix for the Workflow Notes bug, ensuring seamless management of your notes within workflows. Experience an enhanced, glitch-free performance on CredyApp.

  • We're rolling out a fix for the workflow deletion issue. You can now delete workflows seamlessly without encountering any bugs. Enjoy smoother workflow management with this update.


  • Great news for CredyApp users! Our new release lets you open workflows from a new page, allowing you to handle multiple workflows at once. Enjoy a smoother, more efficient multitasking experience with this latest enhancement. Boost your productivity with ease!

  • We've introduced new filters for the Follow Up page on CredyApp. Now, you can easily organize and navigate through your tasks with filters for Group Name, Provider Name, Insurance, Status, and Work Type. Enhance your workflow management and streamline your follow-up process effortlessly with these new features!

  • An update regarding medical license types for groups. This enhancement reflects our commitment to providing accurate and relevant information.

New Feature

We are excited to introduce two new enhancements to our platform's notifications system: Expired Forms Notifications and Attachments Notifications. These features have been developed to streamline your workflow, improve communication, and help you stay organized. 

Expired Forms Notifications (14-Day Advance):

Stay ahead of your deadlines with the new Expired Forms Notifications feature. Now, you will receive notifications 14 days in advance before a form within your account reaches its expiration date.

Be proactive in managing your tasks and responsibilities by getting timely reminders about forms that are about to expire. This extended advance notification will help you take necessary actions and avoid any last-minute rush.

Expired Attachments Notifications (14-Day Advance):

Stay proactive with our newly introduced Expiration Alerts, delivering notifications a full 14 days before any of your documents are set to expire.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where the Send Email Invitation function was not functioning as expected.


Validation for Duplicates:

Duplication now includes robust data validation to prevent errors and ensure accuracy.

The Save button now intelligently hides after the first click, reappearing upon successful Provider or Group duplication.

Bug Fixes

We're delighted to inform you about a bug fix related to user deactivation:

Issue Resolved: The bug causing user deactivation to malfunction has been successfully fixed.

Thank you for your patience as we enhance our platform's functionality.

Bug Fixes

New Insurance bug fix. Insurance is seen in Workflow dropdown list now.


Workflows: New columns added to grid

New Feature

We have added a new feature in the last few weeks - Blog articles.

The URL we use: Blog

Bug Fixes

Workflow - bug fix for F/U date in Excel Report


Loading optimization for Dashboard page, Provider and Groups

New Feature

Checklist: Added ability to add Provider/Group intake list

Bug Fixes

Release Notes - date bug fix


Webinar page - layout amendments

Landing page - improvements


Webinar page: Design updates

Coming Soon

1) General Report

2) Check List for Groups and Providers

3) Import Data from Credentialing application into CredyApp

4) Feedback - ability to add feedback or report a problem

5) Upload photo (CredyApp account)

6) Blog and Chabot

7) Time out Session improvement

New Feature

1) Ability to post Release Notes

2) Provider insurance info - ability to add workflow

3) Provider's credit tracker.

4) Facility/Location: ability to copy locations from Provider to Group and vice versa

Bug Fixes

1) Unlink Provider from the Group bug has been fixed


1) FAQ

2) Provider's Medical License added type.

3) CredyApp introduction video

4) Provider Insurance Info sorting for columns: Insurance name, Work Type, Under the Group, Status, Responsible person, Payment, Follow Up date.

New Feature

1) Provider Exclusion - State and Federal exclusion database

2) Check Online Insurance Stratus


New Feature

1) Get Demo: New Request form, Trial period and Pricing

2) New admin panel


1) Updates for landing page

2) Updated Terms and Conditions agreement

3) Providers/Groups - if Provider or Group has Expired Attachment -this tab will be highlighted as red

4) Providers/Groups - deactivation date

5) Update Logo

New Feature

1) Ability to create workflow for multiply insurances.

2) Workflow - activity history log (all information that has been changed/updated/deleted are saving in Log)

3) Autocomplete dropdown filters

4) Ability to Activate/Inactivate workflows

5) Add Facility/Location for multiply types

6) Workflow filters: add new filter by CAQH ID

7) Facility/Location: Start/End date, work hours, handicap accessible

8) Provider- ability to add internal dates


1) Workflow - provider dropdown added NPI and DOB

2) Attachments - highlighted with colors: Red - expired, Green - active, Orange - expire within 30 days

New Feature

1) New designed Dashboard. Our team has developed a brand new updated Dashboard.

2) Provider and Group filter - new filter added: Search by Email

Bug Fixes

1) Workflow: work type bug fix

2) Bug fix with expired attachments (date)


1) Landing page -updates

2) Workflow excel report: Added new columns for export

3) Log out improvement: Added Notification for time out session

4) Provider's medical degree: new list of decree's added

5) Workflow email: Credentialing Status Update has been improved (added additional information into email)

6) Group - Insurance info: added new column to show: Follow Up date

7) Filters improvement: storing information in filters

New Feature

1) Ability to print Summary Provider report. This report includes all information about the provider such as: CAQH ID, NPI, Primary Specialty, Pecos ID, DEA number, Medicare/Medicaid PTAN, Medical License number, Primary Service Location, Home address, Board Certified number, Insurance Carrier, Professional School name, Internship, Residency, Fellowship etc.

2) New Trial Period - 3 Months

3) Provider Specialty: We added 3 new additional forms that you can add into provider's specialty: Internship, Residency, Fellowship

Bug Fixes

1) Dashboard bug fix: Incorrect workflow status information

2) Attachments: fixed ability to add Attachments from Dashboard

3) Hospital Privileges bug fix with duplicate forms.


1) Help page - added amendments

2) Provider's specialty - PA and NP boards

3) Made hovering improvements for the grid lines.