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Over 500 healthcare professionals trust their enrollment processes to WCH Service Bureau. Try this all-in-one tool to keep track of your participation contracts, insurance panels, revalidations, and so much more!

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Fast and Accurate Internal Credentialing


Collect, verify, store, and share all provider lifecycle data in one CredyApp hub, resulting in time savings and cost containment.


Track time and dates of all insurance communications for easier billing and organization.


Our CredyApp team of experts are ready to answer any questions, manage requests, or help with issues email.


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Regain Control Over All Approved and Pending Insurance Contracts

Sophisticated Interface

CredyApp features make it easier to manage credentialing processes of any size group and employees assigned to clients work flows

Enhanced internal credentialing

Whether you are a credentialing expert or a beginner, CredyApp makes it easy to streamline your enrollment processes

Recredentialing made easier

Keep track of client’s insurance renewal contract dates, manage expirable documents, all in one hub

All-in-one client portal

Portal designed to help with profile maintenance, insurance status, e-sign and document management

Facilitated workflows

CredyApp allows you to allocate tasks among your staff based on specifics and complexity

Stay on top of follow-ups

Stay up to date with insurance follow-ups handled by employees, reassign work, and never miss an important callback

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