Which Plans Should I Credential?


Understanding your clients and your region of operation is essential when looking for businesses to collaborate with and networks to join. Which insurance policies are most popular where you live? Which types of mental health services are covered by them? What kind of customers are most likely to use your services, and what are their most pressing needs?

Here is the list of the most popular and biggest payers:


Medicare and Medicaid






We advise starting with these large payers if you don't know or can't locate any information on which insurance providers are well-liked in your region.

But always keep a look out for well-liked neighborhood plans in your neighborhood. When you do, see if the panel of the insurance provider currently accepts doctors who specialize in your field.

After all, the majority of large insurance companies demand that you fill out a ton of paperwork, from the CAQH (the online medical credentialing database) to your personal information. You must have current and accurate information about your education, licensing, training, and experience

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