User Roles in CredyApp


In the realm of healthcare and administrative processes, efficient management of credentials is crucial. CredyApp, a cutting-edge credentialing software, provides a comprehensive solution for managing user roles and permissions within the platform. By defining specific roles, the software ensures that users have access to only the information and functionalities that are relevant to their responsibilities. This article delves into the various user roles within CredyApp and outlines the privileges and responsibilities associated with each role.


Entry Level Role

The Entry Level role in CredyApp represents users who are new to the platform and possess limited experience in credentialing. While they may not have extensive permissions, their role is integral to the initial stages of credentialing workflows. Key privileges of the Entry Level role include:

  • Editing Own Notes in Workflows: Entry Level users can modify notes attached to workflows, facilitating effective communication and record-keeping within the system.
  • Viewing Information: These users can access most of the data within CredyApp, except for the company's profile information.
  • Adding Notes in Workflows: Entry Level users can contribute to the workflow by adding relevant notes.


Experienced Role

Experienced users hold a more significant role within CredyApp. With their experience, they are entrusted with additional responsibilities to streamline the credentialing process. The privileges associated with the Experienced role include:

  • Editing Own Notes in Workflows: Similar to the Entry Level role, Experienced users can modify notes within workflows.
  • Deleting Own Workflows: These users have the authority to remove workflows they have created, promoting efficient management of the system.
  • Adding New Entities: Experienced users can introduce new Groups, Providers, Insurances, and Workflows into the system.
  • Editing Own Created Entities: They can modify the Groups, Providers, and Workflows they have created, enhancing data accuracy and relevancy.


Expert Role

The Expert role in CredyApp is characterized by advanced permissions and extensive expertise in the field. These users are granted elevated control over the system's functionalities. Key privileges for the Expert role include:

  • Editing All Notes in Workflows: Expert users can edit notes attached to any workflow, enabling seamless collaboration and communication across the platform.
  • Viewing and Editing Information: They can access and modify nearly all information within CredyApp, with the exception of the company's profile.
  • Deleting All Workflows: Expert users possess the authority to delete any workflow, contributing to efficient workflow management.
  • Editing All Entities: They can add new Groups, Providers, Insurances, and Workflows, as well as modify those created by any user. This capability ensures data accuracy and consistency.


Provider Role

The Provider role within CredyApp is tailored for healthcare professionals, who play a pivotal role in the healthcare ecosystem. This role grants them the authority to oversee and manage the advancement of their individual credentialing processes. The primary duty of the Provider role involves:

  • Monitoring Credentialing Workflows: Providers, as esteemed medical practitioners, have the privilege to observe and supervise the workflows directly linked to their credentialing journey. This exclusive access enables providers to stay informed about the status and progress of their credentialing, ensuring the accuracy and completeness of their professional profiles.

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